Why are voice comments sometimes more valuable than text ones?

We believe that it will not surprise you if we say that most of your audience listens to your podcast while doing something else (cooking, walking, driving, etc.). So your Call To Actions may not work as well as you'd like, not because they are wrong, but because your listeners have busy hands and cannot leave a comment to you right now. And later, they forget about it or leaving feedback is not their urgent intention anymore. So let's see why it's essential to explain to your listeners in your Call To Actions, on your social media, and in your episodes that they can interact with you by voice and engage them to leave more voice comments.

1. Voice comments are easy to leave and they can be recorded on the go. Nothing to add here. It’s a true fact.

2. People like sending voice messages. We did research among podcast listeners and found out that 43% of interviewees send and get voice messages daily. And they'd love to send them to the podcaster.

"Yes!!! That's ideal [to send voice messages to podcasts], and if it were associated at least with that podcast, if not also by that episode, that would be perfect" (WeAreAllStarsHere from Reddit)

3. Listeners hiddenly interact with podcasts using their voices. Often podcast listeners write notes or dictate voice memos to keep a brilliant idea they've got after listening to the episode. In this note, they mention the podcast/episode or would like to do it automatically if they knew how. If you ask them to share their brilliant ideas on Galas or with you publicly, it can give them one more reason to leave you a voice comment.

 "I look for inspiration in podcasts. So when I hear anything that may help me in the future, I use my apple watch to dictate a voice memo." (Sophia B., respondent)

4. Voice comments let them speak out at the moment. Considers this about you: how often you had what to say in your mind to a podcast host while listening to the episode, but you lost your initiative and motivation by the episode's end. The same is true about your audience. During the episodes, they experience moments when they'd like to speak out, but this wish dies because of laziness in typing you a comment. If you encourage them to leave you voice comments, they may not lose their attitude to interact with your show.Text element

5. Voice commenting on podcasts is natural. Podcasts are about spoken art. People do not see you. They listen to you in their ears. If they close their eyes, it's easy to imagine they are sitting with you at the same table and having a conversation. That's why voice comments are very natural. It's like a spoken answer to a conversation partner.

6. Typing is too long. Your listeners' activity may drop because they are too lazy to type. Offer them to comment with their voice. A host of Mindfulness in Voce has doubled his activity metrics after he started to encourage his listeners to leave him voice comments more.

Conclusion. If you want to increase your chances of getting feedback or receiving more comments, ask your listeners to leave you voice comments. It’s easier, faster, and gives them a feeling of tighter communication with you. 

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