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Galas For Podcasters - Unite your listeners and let them interact with your podcast | Product Hunt
Galas For Podcasters - Unite your listeners and let them interact with your podcast | Product Hunt

Podcasters different pains – one solution



I need to growmy audience!



I’d love to receivemore feedback!



I want to engagemy community!

Leaving and getting feedback has never been easier



creates a podcast



listens to Bob

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    Bob adds RSS feed to Galas and generates links for episodes placing them into the show notes, on social media, and website 🚀

  • Illustration

    Emma follows that link and records an audio comment🎙. She reads the comments of others and joins the conversation.

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    Bob keeps an eye on listeners' conversations and decides to make the next episode on the topic offered by Emma 😍

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    Emma is happy 🎉😃 when to see that Bob's next episode is on the topic she offered. She writes about it on her social media.

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    Bob is amused to get more and more interactions from listeners and enjoys watching how the community around his podcast grows 🥳

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    Emma likes to be a part of Bob's community and enjoys being surrounded by like-minded people 👩‍💻

Feedback and interaction help turn your listenersinto a loyal community


Stronger together

Unite your listeners from Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc. in one place.


Let them be heard

Give an opportunity to create vibrant discussions with text or voice


Tailor your content

Get ideas and suggestions for your next episodes


Keep them engaged

Make polls, ask questions, build sustainable relationship with your audience


Benefit from feedback

Add listeners' audio feedback to your next episodes


Comments are applauses for podcasters.You deserve them!


I couldn't even imagine that for one week I would get half of all feedback I've received during five years of podcasting

Alessandro Gilibini host of Mindfulness in Voce

What podcasters say about Galas

I like Galas because it gives me precious things - now I can gather all my listeners and build relationships with them. And it's so easy. You don't need to be Einstein to use Galas. So I couldn't even imagine that for one week I would get half of all feedback I've received during five years of podcasting.


Alessandro Gilibini

host of Mindfulness in Voce

The one thing I have desired more than anything is an easy way to interact with listeners. Social media only provides broadcast type messages. Discord is great, but getting people to sign up and then interact is always a challenge. With Galas, people can freely post or record reactions which is exactly what I have been wanting.



host of Southern Demonology

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Upcoming features


Several podcasts under Master account


Schedule a bunch of future episodes


Transcription of voice comments


Apps for iOS
and Android


  • What is Galas in simple words?

    Galas is a web service for podcasters that unites podcast listeners from all apps and platforms in one place and allows them to communicate with each other and a podcaster. Your Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, etc. listeners never meet each other because all podcasts apps and platforms compete for unique users and try not to share them. But now, you need just one Galas link in your show notes, and all your listeners from these apps will meet each other, share ideas, and impressions from your episode, leave you feedback, answer your questions, and so on. With Galas, you can turn your audience into an active, loyal, and self-growing community.

  • If my listeners don't leave me enough feedback on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or whatsoever, why would they use Galas?

    1. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Spotify, and other apps are first of all apps for listening to podcasts. They are aggregators with a podcast player as the main functionality. Some of them (like Spotify) provide exclusive content. But again, they are about the podcast listening process. That is why it is not so convenient for listeners to leave feedback there. Many of them cannot find this function. In Galas, we made interaction with the podcast, podcaster, and among listeners - the critical functionality.
    2. Many podcasters have no idea that they got feedback on some apps. These apps do not notify podcasters. And those listeners who once wrote a message and didn't get a response, unlikely would do it one more time. In Galas, podcasters and listeners will get notifications if they get a reply. So everybody will be able to return to the service and continue communication.
    3. Many podcast apps and platforms offer only direct communication with podcast creators (direct messages). In Galas, listeners can leave public comments.
    4. The prevailing part of podcast listeners listens to the podcast while doing something else (cooking, walking, being on public transport). So their hands are busy, and they cannot type a message when the podcasters ask them to do it. In Galas, they can leave voice messages which is more convenient to do on the go.
    5. With Galas, listeners do not need to come back to their app and look for a place where to leave a comment. They even do not need to stop listening to the episode. They just follow the link in the show notes.

  • Why is Galas better than social media?

    1. If you ask people to subscribe on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, only people with accounts there will subscribe. With Galas, they do not necessarily need to sign up to Galas. Just follow the link and leave a comment.2. In many cases, when people follow your Instagram link from the show notes they see in their podcasting app, your Instagram page will be opened in an internal browser. And it will ask your listeners to sign in. We researched and were surprised how many people do not remember their social media passwords.3. One of our podcasters told us that it's hard to engage people to communicate on Discord or Instagram. And with Galas, it's easy because listeners do not even need to switch from their mobile apps: they listen to the episode, open show notes, leave feedback in the popup browser over their mobile app, and return to the app without even pausing the podcast.4. In social media, people tend to read news about your podcast and send direct messages to the podcaster. Interaction on Galas works more like Youtube comments.5. You can have both social media and Galas, and benefit from both.

  • What should I do to use Galas?

    1. Register and add your RSS feed
    2. Paste a feedback link in your show notes on hosting and the episode description. After that, it will appear everywhere where your podcast exists.
    3. Record a call to action to tell your listeners that they have an opportunity to leave you text and voice feedback by following the Galas link (go here to read more about the efficient call to action)
    4. Enjoy getting feedback and seeing your community grow.

  • Do you have cases of other podcasters’ success with Galas?

    Yes. Some podcasters have been using Galas and getting constant interactions from their listeners. For example, during the first week of using Galas, the host of Mindfulness in Voce received half of all feedback he got for his five years of podcasting.

  • What other features will you add to Galas?

    The Galas you see is an MVP (minimum viable product). Soon we will add new features. Here you may find our Public Roadmap. In brief, we will add functions of adding several podcasts to the Master account, private messages to podcasters, analytics, voice-to-text transcription, the ability to plan several future episodes in advance, and many more. In the Public Roadmap, you may offer your ideas of features we need to develop next and vote for the functionality provided by others.

  • How much does it cost to use Galas?

    Galas is currently free of charge. We do not yet have plans for making it payable, but even if we do, all the features you get for free will stay free for you forever. So, it's better to register now and get it for free.

  • Is Galas suitable for any podcaster/podcast?

    Yes, it is. It doesn't matter what size your podcast is and how long you have been doing it.

  • Can listeners leave me voice messages?

    Yes, they can leave voice messages to you, communicate with voice among themselves, and you can reply with a voice to them as well. 

  • How can I engage my listeners to leave me more feedback?

    1. Copy the Galas feedback link and paste it into your show notes. Make sure it is visible. We recommend this link to be the first on your show notes to increase your success chances.
    2. Invite your listeners to interact with you in your episode’s call to action.
    3. Tell them that you answer all the comments you get.
    4. Please, try to answer at least the most interesting comments. It encourages your listeners to be more active.
    5. More recommendations you can read here.

  • Will Galas work if I have more the one podcast?

    Yes. Now you can add these podcasts separately, but we have been working on the functionality of adding several podcasts under one account. This feature will be available soon after the MVP release. So, when it appears, you'll be able to unite the podcasts you registered into one account.

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